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Biography Leonardo Merçon

Leonardo Merçon is from Espírito Santo - Brazil, a nature photographer / documentarist focused on biodiversity conservation. He is the founder and director of the Last Refuges Institute. The institution's goal is to work towards a more balanced relationship between people and nature, involving all pillars of society: the government, civil society, and private companies.

Graduated as a graphic designer from the Federal University of Espírito Santo and studied photography for publications at the Academy of Media and Arts in Germany with a full scholarship from DAAD. He is currently a Master's student in Biodiversity Conservation at IPÊ/ESCAS. He has published 11 books and 5 documentaries and hosts a program on Environmental TV. He has worked for the BBC of London and National Geographic, among other media outlets. He has given a TEDx TALK and supports many conservation projects and NGOs in Espírito Santo and Brazil through his expertise. He conducts environmental education activities with children and promotes nature-related tourism (birds, whales, diving, butterflies, among others).

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