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My specialty is the photographic and audiovisual record of fauna and flora, capturing all the essence of the portrayed regions. Exploring from the beautiful landscapes to the most withdrawn nocturnal animals, such as felines and their prey. I use techniques developed during years of specialization in recording wild animals, applying resources transmitted by former hunters to new digital technologies for capturing high quality images. 


If you want to know more or are in need of a photographic record of a natural area, RPPN or want to develop a nature and conservation photographic project, get in touch.


jaguatirica (Leopardus pardalis)
Produção fotográfica em area de preservação ambiental
Seriema (Cariama cristata) selvagem



I develop editorial projects with professional quality, of high artistic, sensitizing and scientific value. We don't all speak the same language, but we can all understand pictures. I believe that photo books with a well-planned visual storytelling can inspire positive change. With 5 books released, I have the necessary knowledge to carry out editorial projects with professional quality, of high artistic, sensitizing and scientific value.


If you want to know more or are thinking about producing a photographic book of nature and/or culture, get in touch.


Livro fotográfico do Parque Estadual Paulo Cesar Vinha
Livro fotográfico do Parque Estadual de Itaúnas
Livro fotográfico Biodiversidade no Espírito Santo



I offer a variety of lectures for different audiences, from children to business audiences.

Here are some examples of themes:


“Developing Empathy”                               

Motivational speech for children.


"Conservation Photography"

What is Conservation Photography? About the responsibility of the photographer and the power of the image.


"Nature Photography - Basic Equipment and Techniques"

An introduction to the world of Nature Photography.


If you want to know more or are interested in hiring a lecture, please get in touch.



Palestra para estudantes de biologia
Palestra TEDx sobre Fotografia de Conservação
Educação ambiental no ensino fundamental



In the Nature Photography workshops and courses, I show everything from basic photography techniques to advanced methodologies for photographing wild animals.  Here are some examples of topics:


Course: "Nature Photography - Basic" - Introduction to Nature Photography.

Contents: How to use your camera, from a cell phone to a top-of-the-line DSLR, knowing your differences. Concepts of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. As well as approaching how a photographic expedition works to photograph nature and animals, and plan the subjects in order to tell a story.


Course: "Nature Photography - Advanced"

Content: Tracking techniques using camera traps and playback. Objective of the course is to understand the natural behavior of wild animals to capture images of them in the natural environment.


Course: "Children's Multimedia Production"

The course teaches the basics of audiovisual production for children, using accessible everyday tools .


If you want to know more or are interested in taking a course, please get in touch.

Curso de produção audiovisual para estudantes
Cursos de fotografia de natureza básicos e avançados
Curso de fotografia de natureza em Sooretama-ES, Brasil



I try to create exhibitions that represent the beauty of nature and culture, through this artistic format widely accepted by society. I have a rich bank of images to carry out exhibitions on most Brazilian ecosystems, however, I constantly participate in projects in specific regions, exclusively so that these images are transformed into exhibitions.


Are you interested in installing a thematic exhibition in your space or in your company?

The exhibitions can have an educational character, if it is in the interest of the client. I rely on experts and actors who can transform your exhibition into an unforgettable experience. 

Contact us to request a design and quote. 


Exposição som Sebastião Salgado em Paris
Exposições fotográficas para empresas
Exposições e sensibilização ambiental



The documentaries, web-series and clips present the natural wealth and the socio-environmental and cultural situation of the environments in which I carry out the projects.   Video has the versatility to reach more human senses beyond sight and to convey a more complex message. I have a team of videographers, directors and artists to carry out audiovisual projects of any complexity.


If you want to know more or are thinking of developing an audiovisual project, be it a documentary, web-series or awareness-raising videos, please get in touch.


Documentário Últimos Refúgios: Toninho Mateiro
Documentário da Reserva Biológica de Duas Bocas, Brasil
Documentário: Redescobrindo a Mata Atlântica
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