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Leonardo Merçon - Fotógrafo de Natureza

Nature and conservation photographer, born in Vitória, Espírito Santo - Brazil, graduated as Graphic Designer at the Federal University of Espírito Santo and specialization in photography and Graphic Design at the Academia de Mídia e Artes in Cologne, Germany._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_He is the founder and president of Instituto Últimos Refúgios, a non-profit NGO that seeks to raise environmental awareness through culture, especially photographs and videos. Through images, the objective is to make the link between nature and society, publicizing the beauties of the planet through social media, press and presentations for children in schools, as well as lectures for university students interested in the areas of photography and nature conservation. .
As part of the work, photographic exhibitions in several states of Brazil, in particular, the main fixed exhibition at the current National Institute of the Atlantic Forest, in Santa Teresa-ES. In addition to photographs exhibited in Germany, Italy and France, with emphasis on the exhibition on Instituto Terra, at the International Museum of Photography, in Paris. So far, five (06) books have been published (with participation in many others), 4 video documentaries, TV / Youtube series and articles published by major media such as BBC, National Geographic Brazil, Fantástico, Google Arts & Culture. Currently, a significant part of the efforts are concentrated on work in partnership with research institutions, playing an important role in scientific dissemination through images.


Ecology Award, 2014

HBW - World Bird Photo Contest, 2014

BBC Wildlife Camera-Trap Photo of the Year, 2013

Ecology Award, 2011

Kölner-Lichter, 2010



Last Refuges: Sooretama Biological Reserve, 2015

Biodiversity in Espírito Santo, 2014

Last Refuges: Biological Reserve of Duas Bocas, 2013

Last Refuges: Itaúnas State Park, 2011

Last Refuges: Paulo Cesar Vinha State Park, 2009

Quilombola Community Cacimbinha/Boa Esperança, 2008



sooretama janeiro 15 0021-
Breaking the Silence_Duas Bocas_Leonardo Mercon
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